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The most common call outs plumbers get are for leaking pipes and appliances. The guide gives you a brief explanation of the potential causes, how to isolate your water supply and how to seal a leak.   

Click on the pictures below for some free basic plumbing guides and advice to get you started.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - leaking water can cause substantial damage and cost to your home, if you are unsure or not competent to work with any of the listed tools, or carryout any of the advice in the guides, you should not take a risk and call a qualified plumber to complete the work. Any work with pressurized systems such as expansion vessels, any gas related appliances such as boilers and any electrical work should only be carried out by qualified registered engineers as these are extremely dangerous and could lead to injury or death. 

Basic Plumbing Guides & Advice - More Coming Soon

Guides & Advice

Although some aspects of plumbing can be completed with standard tools there are jobs which require specialist tools and parts. This guide provides an overview of the common tools and fittings found in a plumbers tool kit and advice on how to use them.

This guide provides information to install and maintain common plumbing appliances such as toilets, taps, baths and basins. The guide includes details such as tools and fittings needed.

This guide covers the different types of central heating systems, how they work, common problems which occur and how to maintain them. Pumps, hot water tanks and cold water cisterns are also covered.

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